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Our Services

CCMG services are arrayed to support government and businesses in three core areas: Strategic Planning, Economic Development Strategy, and Support of Services.

Strategic Planning Process

Our Strategic Planning process guides organizations in distinguishing their vision and mission to which they aspire. We ensure operational goals and objectives that make the vision and mission are more focused and attainable. 
As we work with staff and leaders, sometimes adjustments to our process are needed for the best possible results in group settings.

After gathering relevant data through SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) Analysis, we examine the data and make certain of essential collusions. 
We document the data collected, provide an analysis of the data, and present our findings through facilitated meetings, followed by a detailed report for senior leaders who are engaged in the strategic planning process. 
The final  phases are to conclude with the strategic plan and establish an evaluation plan.

Strategic Planning Phases

Our approach includes 6 phases for organizations, staff, and leadership team.  It encompasses of: 
  • Surveys/Indebt Interviews of Stakeholders
  • Conduct Independent Focus Groups
  • Facilitated Group Discussions
  • Retreat with Stakeholder, Leadership and Tea

Plan the Project

Collect the Data

Presentation of Findings

Construct Strategic Plan

Adjust & Publish Strategic Plan

Monitoring & Evaluation Plan

Economic Development Strategy

CCMG offers strategic economic development consultation services to public and private organizations in various communities that are aiming to attract capital investment and job opportunities resulting in greater economic performance with sustained growth. Our consulting services enhance public and private organization’s ability to meet or exceed their economic development goals and objectives. The end-state is to be in a better position to attract new companies, grow existing companies, and improve the workforce while sustaining a stronger economy. 
Our Strategy development process involves business engagement, background review, policy review and development, economic and socio-economic analysis, conducting business and stakeholder surveys, community stakeholder forums, common theme development, as well as development of action and implementation plans.  The process concludes with a monitoring and evaluation plan.

Application of Tax Incentives/Credits Uses Adaptive Re-use/ Redevelopment Plan
Feasibility Study Site Selection and Analysis
Developing Tax Increment Financing Districts Underserved/Under Resourced Communities
Developable Site Creations Empowerment Zones/Enterprise Zones/Opportunity Zones

Support of Services:

Our business support professionals make a genuine impact on organizations and are available to assist government and small business organizations with management needs including, but not limited to, diversity program development, disparity study support, and a variety of business services

Diversity Program Development and Disparity Study Support

  • Public Procurement Inclusion
  • Public Engagement and In Dept Interviews
  • Public Involvement/Minority Outreach 
  • Program Design and Implementation

Business Services

  • Business Plan Construction and Review
  • Growth Strategy
  • Process Management
  • Exit and Succession Planning 
  • Commercial Loan Proposals
  • Business Assessment
  • Advising and Developing Strategic Alliance 
  • Customized Business Workshop and Training 
  • Representation Services
  • Vendor Registration 
  • Capability Statement Services
  • Business Startups

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