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About Us

Continuity Consulting Management Group, LLC assists organizations with creating value, resolving issues, maximizing growth and improving operations performance and profitability. With years of experience, we accomplish this through various skill applications to shape a rewarding outcome for our clients. CCMG collaborates with valued clients to deliver excellent results, navigating through unique and complex challenges. We bring experience and dedication in strategic planning, economic development strategy, and support of services to government and business clients.


Our mission is to impact your business and to accelerate its growth according to your mission and values.  We help clients achieve meaningful and measurable results through the implementation of deliberate strategies and business developments, resulting in organization, relevance and effectiveness.

Our Clients


CCMG specializes in Strategic Planning and Economic Development Strategy to improve organizational performance, operational effectiveness, and efficiency while building and sustaining a stronger economy. We transform stakeholders’ grand vision into real benefits meeting their short-term goals over long-term objectives. Additionally, our support of services assists governments with diversity program development and strengthening their local and minority business enterprise program, ensuring business inclusion and economic initiatives are met.


We work closely with businesses to ensure they gain their share in the marketplace and/or increase their position to effectively compete and sustain in various markets. Many small business owners think that strategic planning is for larger companies but fail to realize the benefit of a strategic plan. Small business owners have greater control over the development and implementation of their strategy.  We have the expertise to support your business needs. Whether it’s a need for a Feasibility Study, Market Research and Entry Strategy, or Support of Services, CCMG helps clients become high performers.

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